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Loyola Bridge Renovations Scheduled for Summer 2014

Loyola Bridge Rendering

The County of Santa Clara has scheduled the Loyola Bridge project to begin as early as June 2014. The renovation was originally outlined in the County's 2003 Comprehensive County Expressway Planning Study.

The Loyola Bridge renovation plans call for the widening of the bridge, which spans Foothill Expressway, by 23 feet on its north side and 15 feet on its south side. New columns will be constructed along the expressway to support the widened bridge. The wider bridge will allow for a fourth vehicle lane, ADA-compliant sidewalks and a bike lane on each shoulder. With four vehicle lanes, the bridge will have one through lane going in each direction, as well as one dedicated turn lane in each direction.

While the bridge is expected to remain open during construction, drivers should expect some delays. The County estimates the project length at 100 workdays, putting the completion date at the end of September. 

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