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Youth Commission

Youth Commission

The Youth Commission advises the City Council on matters relating to teen and youth issues, including recreation interests, personal concerns, and the need for outreach services. Its purpose is to:

  • Work as a team with the Recreation Supervisor and staff to address issues relating to teens in the community;
  • Create a forum for public discussion of teen issues;
  • Assist in the planning, promoting, and implementing of programs and services for teens; and
  • Plan and participate in community service activities which benefit the community of Los Altos.

The Youth Commission meets the first Monday of each month beginning at 7:00 p.m., typically in the Community Meeting Chambers at City Hall, 1 North San Antonio Road.

Name School Term Term Expiration
Paige Casas, Chair Los Altos High School (2014) 2nd June 2014
Kavi Mehta, Vice Chair Los Altos High School (2014) 3rd June 2014
Elaine Cole Los Altos High School (2014) 4th June 2014
Annie Iverson Mountain View High School (2016) 2nd June 2015
Cole Brinsfield Los Altos High School (2017) 1st June 2014
Devika Kumar Los Altos High School (2017) 1st June 2015
Jake Klepper Los Altos High School (2015) 2nd June 2015
Megha Agarwal Saint Francis High School (2014) 1st June 2014
Rohith Kuditipudi The Harker School (2015) 1st June 2015
Ryan Chandra Pinewood School (2017) 2nd June 2015
Wyatt Eng Homestead High School (2015) 2nd June 2014
Greg Milano Staff Liaison