Civic Center Master Plan - Community Center

The City of Los Altos is currently embarking upon an update to the 2009 Civic Center Master Plan. The Los Altos City Council has decided that the project will move forward with redeveloping the facility in most critical need of attention - the Community Center.

The City Council has determined that the new ‘Los Altos Community Center’ be built in the general area of the current Community Center. This will require significant updates to the site plan previously developed as part of the 2009 Civic Center Master Plan.

The original consultants, Anderson Brulé Architects, will work with the City on this next phase in the project. The City and consultants will make use of a wide breadth of data collected during the original outreach conducted in 2009 as part of the original Master Plan project. Additionally, community meetings and workshops will be hosted once again to gather input and ideas. 

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