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Civic Center Master Plan - Community Center

Approved site design concept

The City has spent the last several years working with the community to develop a plan to replace Hillview Community Center for the benefit of all Los Altos residents. Acknowledging that a prior plan was not in line with the community’s expectations, the past year was spent re-engaging with residents. Numerous meetings, focus groups, charrettes and polls helped to better assess the needs and desires of the community. The result is a significantly scaled back plan, which is sensible, financially prudent and directly benefits all members of the community – children, youth, families, seniors and adults.

Update from the City Manager

July 7, 2015 - A Letter to the Community

Hillview Community Center and Park Plan

The proposed plan for Hillview Community Center and Park includes three project components:

  1. Replacing the existing 70-year old Hillview Community Center with a new multi-use facility for recreational, social and educational programs and services
  2. Building community pool facilities
  3. Improving Hillview Park, open space, and sports fields

This plan differs from past plans by focusing on facilities that are heavily used by residents. The plan does not include relocating, rebuilding or expanding the police or administrative (City Hall) facilities, theatre, history museum or library. To view the approved site concept, click here.

Financing the Plan

A finance subcommittee was formed to carefully review the project cost estimates, bond financial analysis, and City finances in order to identify and recommend City funding that could be applied to help finance the project. The recommendation from City staff and the finance subcommittee is to finance the plan with a combination of existing City funds and funds secured through the approval of a general obligation bond. The City is currently considering contributing $25 million of City funds to the project and will place a bond measure on the November 2015 ballot seeking $65 million to fund the remainder of the project.