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City Council Priorities

The Los Altos City Council has identified the following key areas as the highest priority items for the 2015 calendar year. Priorities were approved by City Council at the February 10, 2015 Regular City Council meeting.

Goal: Continue Prudent Fiscal Management
Projects Lead Department Target Date
A. CIP Funding Public Works / Administrative Services Q2-15
Identify ongoing/dedicated source of CIP funding   6/2015
Develop implementation strategies for Master Plan-related projects   6/2015
Integrate Master Plan-related projects into CIP   6/2015
B. Fire Protection Services City Manager / Administrative Services Q2-15
Review current fire contract expiring 12/30/16   5/2015
Determine future steps   6/2015
C. 10-year Budget Planning Administrative Services Q2-15
Forecast revenues   5/2015
Forecast expenses   6/2015
Identify long-term financial liabilities   9/2015
D. Technology Enhancements City Manager / Administrative Services Q2-15
Evaluate internal/external processes suitable for automation   7/2015
Implement automation opportunities   Ongoing
Goal: Address Aging Infrastructure
A. Hillview Community Center Council / City Manager / Recreation & Community Services Q2-15
Complete Master Plan for community center   3/2015
Determine funding mechanism to implement plan   5/2015
Finalize schedule for implementation   7/2015
B. Fremont Bridge Public Works Q3-15
Initiate replacement of Fremont Bridge   8/2015
C. City Facilities Public Works Q4-15
Identify infrastructure repairs for existing buildings   11/2015
Prioritize and incorporate project into 2016-2021 CIP   6/2016
D. Storm Drain Plan Public Works Q3-15
Approve Storm Drain Master Plan   5/2015
Determine funding mechanisms   11/2015
Schedule implementation   6/2016
Goal: Develop Downtown Plan
A. Design Guidelines Council / City Manager Q2-15
Establish Downtown Buildings Committee Council (Satterlee) / City Manager 2/2015
Committee to review recently completed downtown buildings related to current zoning regulations, Downtown Design Guidelines, Downtown Design Plan, and other materials   March - TBD
Conduct downtown survey City Manager 4/2015
Develop recommendations on next steps   TBD
B. "Plan" Development Council / City Manager Q3-15
Identify process for developing the "Plan" and define scope   3/2015

Define vibrancy
   - Identify the desired level of vibrancy
   - Identify / evaluate ways to achieve the desired level

Council / Community 4/2015
Determine appropriate type of "Plan:" specific, precise, master   5/2015
Hire consultant   TBD
Develop a "Plan"   7/2015 - 7/2016
Determine financing options for implementing the "Plan"   7/2015 - 7/2016
C. Parking Needs Community Development / Council Q3-15

   - Review short-term steps identified in Parking Management Plan
   - Develop schedule for implementation of short-term steps

  - 3/2015

- 4/2015

   - Review long-term steps identified in Parking Management Plan
   - Incorporate into master "Plan"


-9/2015 - 7/2016

Goal: Promote Effective Government
A. City Website City Manager Q2-15
Explore enhanced web search function capability; implement improvements if possible   5/2015
Promote awareness and encourage use of City website services and tools   7/2015
B. City Commissions City Manager / Council Q3-15
Improve use and effectiveness   9/2015
C. Community Engagement Council (Bruins / Pepper) Q2-15
Conduct additional Community Engagement Roundtable   3/2015
Formulate recommendations   4/2015
Implement programs to improve communications   8/2015
D. Emergency Preparedness Police / Fire Q2-15
Identify new opportunities for collaboration   3/2015
E. Neighborhood Watch Police Q2-15
Increase promotion of Neighborhood Watch program for the purpose of expanding service throughout the community   11/2015