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2012 Downtown Survey

Downtown Los Altos

As one of its 2012 priorities, City Council identified the need to complete a comprehensive survey conducted by a professional marketing research firm of a representative sample of City of Los Altos residents to ascertain how the community uses downtown currently, how satisfied residents are with the downtown as it exists today, and what additional changes they would or would not favor.

On December 13, 2011, Council authorized and funded this project and appointed an ad hoc Council subcommittee consisting of Mayor Carpenter and Councilmember Satterlee to work with Godbe Research. The research objectives were to:

  1. Gauge resident satisfaction with the City of Los Altos in general and downtown in particular;
  2. Assess attitudes and perceptions about shopping, restaurants, entertainment, traffic and parking in downtown Los Altos;
  3. Gauge resident preferences for future directions of downtown;
  4. Identify any differences in opinions due to demographic and/or behavioral characteristics.

The summary of key conclusions from the survey can be viewed here: 2012 Downtown Survey